Selling Property

Selling Your House

The team at Private Property Buyer are in a position to buy properties fast. We have completed deals in a matter of weeks as there is no sales chain to worry about.

Why Sell Your House To Us?

We are approached by people selling their home for many reasons:

  • Financial difficulties
  • Breakdown of marriage
  • Need cash fast
  • Change of circumstances

We deal with many different situations but the one question that often crops up is …

“Are you taking advantage of people when they are desperate and in need”?

Our simple answer to that is, “NO”.

As investors, or a group of investors we purchase property with a view to refurbishing (where required) and renting the property out.

It is the rent that dictates how much we can offer for any given property. Rent is dictated by the area and size of property so the type, size and location of the property will determine the offer.

If that is 100% of the asking price everyone is happy as the seller gets their full asking price and the investors buy a property they can rent for a fair price.

So if you have a property to sell, contact us and we’ll make a fair offer based on the potential rent.  Watch the video below as Neil explains how he and other investors work.

Neil Discusses The Selling & Buying Of Properties To Rent