Rental Property Refurbishment

Property Refurbishment

One of the biggest decisions facing any property investor is the cost of refurbishment before you can even offer your newly purchased property for rent.

You only have to watch daytime television to see property programs showing people buying a property at a ‘bargain’ price but if you watch the programs closely you’ll find they rarely meet their budgets and more often than not go well over budget for the project.

Private Property Buyer – Rental Refurbishment Services

We are also in the business of buying properties to have them refurbished and rented out. However, over the years, we to have seen the pitfalls and problems associated with any project.

It is for this reason that we are in the position we are now where we can help on all refurbishment projects:

  • Years of experience costing jobs
  • Just sound advice if all that is you require
  • Access to a team of trusted craftsmen who deliver on time
  • Projects completed to agreed price
  • Direct contact with the contractors or if you prefer, through us.

Neil Discuss Property Refurbishment