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The number of people who are selling their houses independently through property selling websites is rapidly increasing. Home owners are now starting to abandon the traditional estate agents in order to sell their home and instead are choosing to market their home to potential buyers via a growing number of property websites. There are currently over 50 websites that home owners can choose from to market their home to potential buyers privately.

The main attraction of selling your home independently through these websites is to save money. By people selling their homes on these websites, they are avoiding paying large sums of money on estate agent fess and VAT. Now that house prices are now starting to rise again, that has also meant that the slice of commission that estate agents are taking is also increasing on sales. By selling properties independently the outlay of selling your home will only be a couple of hundred pounds, compared to the thousands of pounds it costs through the estate agents.

How to Sell Your House

All of this has lead to a growing number of people selling their homes independently which is frustrating estate agents. But, in order to successfully sell your home yourself, there are certain things that you need to be aware of. Take a look below on some pointers on how to sell your home yourself …..

How to Sell Your House – Prepare for a Sale

Some people are put off from selling their home themselves as they are unsure on what the correct value of their property should be. But this should not worry sellers as there are plenty of information available to you to correctly gauge the value of your property. The Land Registry website will tell you what other properties on your street is valued at so you can gauge what your own property’s value is. Other websites where you can see what similar properties value is are Mouse price and Net House Prices.

Experts also recommend that you also upload a floor plan of your property as part of your property details when uploading to a property selling website. There is software available where you can download a floor plan of your property at a charge or alternatively you can just download the software for a free trail period.

How to Sell Your House – Use an Online Estate Agent

If you do not feel comfortable with selling your property independently then will still be able to save money on estate agent fees through using an online estate agent. This is because even though there is a small commission involved after selling your property, it is considerably lower than the normal high street estate agents. Also, your property will be listed on the popular property portals such as Right Move to make your property easier to find for prospective buyers.

How to Sell Your House – Tips For Going It Alone

If you do feel confident and comfortable enough to sell your home independently, then take a look at some tips that will aid in helping you get the maximum value for your property:-

  • Don’t arrange viewings when you’re alone – ask a friend or neighbour over.
  •  If selling online or privately, you need a good solicitor. If a dispute arises with a buyer, you will probably have to handle it yourself, although some online agents may step in.
  • Make an A4 advert featuring the best photograph you have of your home (preferably in colour), laminate it and give it pride of place on noticeboards. Target public buildings close to the property that is for sale.
  •  Market your own property: The rules of flyer design are simple. Use colour rather than black and white. Keep the colours eye-catching, but not garish.

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